Letters to the Editor

Pope and Cuba

Here is my take on Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba: I vehemently disagree with the concessions he has made with the Castro brothers and his minions.

Unfortunately, the pope is too cozy with the Castros for my taste.

Behind closed doors, he spearheaded the détente by concocting his political (as opposed to pastoral) agenda with President Obama and Raúl Castro. All the while, His Holiness snubbed Miami, the adopted city of the historic Cuban-exile community.

Reconciling with the past that brought us here in the first place is a noble proposition.

Yet turning the other cheek to the likes of the Castros, Ché Guevara and their ruthless cronies, who have inflicted so much pain upon thousands of Cubans, is not a simple endeavor.

Ariel C. Gil,

Miami Springs