Letters to the Editor

Workplace bullies

Researchers suggest that playground bullies grow up and often don’t venture away from this type of behavior as adults. Bullying is an issue my former female colleagues and I know far too well. While employed at the largest workforce board region in the state, we were subjected to unfair treatment involving patterns of intimidation, verbal abuse, bullying, harassment and professional sabotage. This unfair treatment ultimately led to a number of us being forced to resign or wrongfully terminated.

Workplace bullying is a serious issue that is endemic among private and public institutions around the country. According to a 2010 survey conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute, 35 percent of American workers, which accounts for 53.5 million people, have experienced bullying on the job. While it negatively affects the livelihoods of employees, it’s a detriment to work morale and it proves to be costly for employers who choose to ignore it.

In recognition of National Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, we encourage employers and elected officials to consider imposing zero-tolerance policies and legislation that will help eradicate this type of destructive behavior in the workplace.

Linda Pierre, Workforce-8, Miami