Letters to the Editor

Suppression tactics

Glenn Garvin’s Nov. 4 Other Views column, What’s wrong with safeguarding the vote?, uses sophistry to cloud an issue and advance the right-wing agenda. His list of activities that require a photo ID begs the question.

One does not have a constitutional right to drive or fly. One does have a constitutional right to vote. His list of past abuses neglects the fact that women were once denied the vote and that black voters were subject to literacy tests within living memory in the South. He cites the instance of right-wing provocateurs misleading some low-level campaign workers in North Carolina, but neglects to mention the admission by the chairman of the Republican Party of North Carolina to a Daily Show correspondent that voter ID was all about suppressing the Democratic voter.

Where are all the convictions for voter fraud, even in those states in the hands of Republicans like our own?

Martin Motes, Redland