Letters to the Editor

Voters are prepared

There needs to be a law to stop the verbal and physical attack on voters as they approach their voting precincts. I voted early at the West Dade Regional Library. While walking from my car to my polling place I was surrounded by about 15 people shoving pamphlets and fliers at my face and asking me to vote for their candidate/issue.

Do those campaigners really think anyone has the time or the desire to read all that material and listen to their stories? As I walked into my precinct, the first thing I had to do was to find a garbage can to throw away all the paraphernalia. The garbage can was already full. So many forests were destroyed for this?

All these campaigners should realize that by the time we go to vote, we already know whom we will be voting for and how we will vote on the issues.

Doris Kolber, Miami