Letters to the Editor

Courthouse’s future

The objective conclusion isn’t that Miami-Dade voters rejected a new courthouse, but rather that skeptics used the referendum as an opportunity to bash the legal community and the County Commission’s decades-long abdication of its responsibility to assure that justice is meted out in a safe, appropriate facility.

Judges Bertila Soto, Jennifer Bailey and other constitutional officers spent what seemed to be every hour of the day to assure that the referendum vetted out the issue that we need to preserve the current courthouse, while we build for the future. They realized that if the referendum didn’t pass, that their efforts advanced the issue, albeit in now a political arena.

Does anyone really believe a courthouse built in 1928 serves the needs of the public decades later?

So now the issue returns to where it started and should have been voted on — at the County Commission. It is now up to the politicians to ensure that Miami-Dade residents can enter a courthouse that reflects the dignity that the Founding Fathers envisioned.

Saul Cimbler, Miami