Letters to the Editor

Widening Krome

For those who own land along old Krome Avenue in rural Redland, FDOT officials have a brand-new plan that will wipe out their frontage and roadside stands.

They avoid the words “eminent domain;” they call it “compensation.”

Their engineers and architects gave no consideration for the agricultural life preserved by many generations.

They say it will be safer and the speed will stay the same, but designed it for 65 miles-per-hour traffic in each direction. Do they think we believe their lies, as they plan for Redland’s demise?

FDOT’s new maps and glossy renderings aren’t like the ones at meetings in the beginning. FDOT said that medians of 30 feet and 40 feet wide is planning for future need, but adding more asphalt will not grow seeds.

Pat Bonner Milone,