Letters to the Editor

Speak truth on Iran

Frida Ghitis’ Sept. 14 Opinion column, Clinton’s smart take on the Iran deal, reminds me of Hubert Humphrey’s position on Vietnam in 1968. Although he disagreed with Lyndon B. Johnson’s unpopular policy, he tried to rationalize this policy to the American people.

The result was that Humphrey lost the election to Richard Nixon.

Clinton, as secretary of state, knew the negotiations were heading in the wrong direction and that the United States was making all the concessions and giving Iran a path to nuclear weapons and billions to fund terrorism.

Trying not to antagonize President Obama, she made a statement that just adds to the confusion about what she stands for.

If she expects Iran to cheat, why support giving them so much?

Obama’s policy on Iran is unpopular. Why not speak the truth if she wants the American people to support her?

Jerome S. Reich, Miami