Letters to the Editor

Prison safety

Re the Sept. 13 article, Broomstick attacks: a prison ritual: We, as a society, must demand safety for all our members including those who are incarcerated and those who work in the prison system.

Currently, it appears there are those involved with the penal system who think that they are above the law, while these same people treat others as though they are undeserving of the law’s protections — both clearly dangerous behaviors.

One readily accessible solution would be to install more security cameras throughout all facilities, leaving no room to hide. These tapes should be controlled by outside entities and accounted for during every shift.

This ongoing brutality is among the most horrific imaginable and needs to be halted immediately.

There’s no excuse not to take all steps available to ensure the safety of everyone within these facilities. Because of the inability to stop this barbarity thus far, the federal government should step in and help fund these cameras and monitoring in Florida and wherever else needed.

Judith Futerfas,

South Miami