Letters to the Editor

Crime budget

When tax cuts take precedence over solving crimes, there is something wrong with the priorities in Tallahassee.

The Sept. 14 article Solving of crimes is delayed amid cash shortage shows how the “small government, no new taxes” mantra can backfire on the people. Even Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, no friend of the people of Florida, is speaking out about the lack of funds and personnel to support a vibrant FDLE.

State troopers are driving around in old cars that aren’t replaced until they have put on 157,000 miles.

And, the low salaries these troopers are paid drive them to seek employment with various Florida counties that pay better.

In 2015 we have so much good technology, such as DNA testing, but the state shortchanges the FDLE, and its labs are on life support.

Diane Lawrence, Kendall