Letters to the Editor

Honor the founder

Jordan Levin’s Arts Pioneers commendably spotlights the visual and performing arts born here in the 1980s. But one pioneer is missing. In 1987, Loretta Dranoff created The Dranoff International 2 Piano Foundation and returned four-hand piano to center stage, in the first competition of its kind in the Americas.

She extended the musical horizon from 88 keys to 176, in a splendor of sound with works by the masters, from Bach to this moment.The Dranoff has commissioned works by Pulitzer Prize-winning composers, and now includes “Bacardi: Choices” by Latin musicians.

Dranoff judges select young duos from around the globe to compete in Miami, with the winners launching their careers. These stellar players are also introducing live classical music into Miami-Dade Public Schools with 50,000 children currently inspired by its education program, Piano Slam.

Loretta died in 2011, however, her dream thrives with the expert constancy of Executive Director Carlene Sawyer, the board and staff.

Ruth Greenfield, Miami