Letters to the Editor

Guns in school

While Michael Brawer’s Sept. 16 article, Why guns on campus are such a dangerous idea, decrying guns on campus may be noble and heartfelt, let me pose a question to parents of school-aged children.

I just read the recap of a recent school attack. The gunman was in the halls of the school shooting students and faculty. One classroom was told to close the door, sit all around the room up against the walls and, if the well-armed maniacal gunman enters, throw chairs at him.

My question to all parents is: Would you rather have your child cowering in the corner, scared to death, trying to throw a chair at an unhinged lunatic or would you prefer a mature, well-trained, well-armed, teacher or principal, trying to stop the attacker to protect your child?

Buddy Newman, Coral Gables