Letters to the Editor

Look to Venice

I’m glad that local government is addressing sea-level rise. Officials should go to Venice, Italy and see what it is doing to hold back the ocean. It has two problems: The entire city sinking because it is built on wood pilings that are rotting,; and the ocean level rising.

Leaders there have at least 50 years’ experience with this problem and they understand the necessity of using the best material available. When I was there in 2004, they were just starting what they hoped would be the final fix.

I have never seen so much stainless steel. Every piece, every nut and washer was of the highest grade. The American supervisor told me that the cost of material is high, but the installation cost is the same as earlier attempts with carbon steel, which was a total failure.

The main tourist attraction floods so badly that several times a year several inches of salt water cover Piazza San Marco. There is no question of the rising ocean; the discussion should only be about why is it happening.

Donald Gene Dobbs, Miami