Letters to the Editor

Minimum-wage assets

Re Carlos Gazitua’s Sept. 10 Other Views piece, Higher minimum wage puts the squeeze on business: Most businesses have a certain amount of waste and inefficiency, and often these negatives are never corrected until there is pressure on the bottom line.

When most businesses become profitable, that money often goes to bonuses and increased benefits to the management and owner class, when many times it’s because of the hard work and innovation of the workers in the minimum-wage brackets.

With a $15 minimum wage, maybe employees will be motivated to become part of the management team, seek efficiency, treat customers better and become a new customer segment to the industries where they work.

While advertising and creative menu items might bring a customer into a restaurant once, it is often the wait staff’s and service workers’ engagement with customers that brings them back. If a decent wage is required to attract good management, why would that same principle not work for front-line employees?

Richard Mason,

Miami Gardens