Letters to the Editor

Open door and arms

Re the Sept. 16 article, Cuban migrants make landfall on South Beach: On Tuesday morning I was on my balcony and I saw a crude boat headed to shore. Grabbing my binoculars I soon discovered that refugees were seeking a better life. If they get out of boat and on dry land they are free. If they get caught prior to this then they are sent back to a life they were willing to die to escape.

I have always been intrigued by the human drama that moves somebody to risk their life for freedom and hope for a better life. After they made shore I rushed down to the beach to consume this experience as it speaks to the heart of America.

I have witnessed several boats of refugees coming ashore in my backyard over the years and I truly lack the ability to convey the feeling in words.

Unlike Donald Trump I don’t view immigration is our number one problem or even in the top five. Granted, we need to have immigration done legally. Keep in mind immigrants made America great. . Today, the world is flooded by a wave of Syrian refugees and, once properly screened, we would benefit from opening our doors to a large group of them. We are only as strong as how we treat the lowest rung.

Michael Shetzer,

Miami Beach