Letters to the Editor

Take the pledge

On Sept. 17, Americans will celebrate the 228th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution. In 1787, after a long, hot summer of dissension, deliberation and intense debate, our Founders were finally reaching consensus on a document for the ages.

To honor that remarkable accomplishment, the Florida Faith and Freedom Coalition will present a pledge to our elected representatives, as well as candidates for elected office, for their signature during National Constitution week.

The pledge is a concise summary of the values upon which our nation was established, and reflects many of the ideals articulated in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The Constitution provides a foundation from which all posture and policy ought to emanate. It also contains the biblical precepts of sacrifice and self-restraint, altruism over personal ambition, as well as limited government and autonomy.

Our representatives need to know and embrace the core values of the American tradition, and be reminded about the basics of the document that they will take an oath to defend, as well as the sacred trust they have with the constituents they are obligated to serve.

Jim Kallinger, president, Florida Faith and Freedom Coalition, Tallahassee