Letters to the Editor

New Americans

As someone born and raised in Miami Beach, I couldn’t be prouder of our city. And as city manager, my No. 1 priority is this city including the employees who make it thrive.

I’m excited to announce the launch of our initiative to help our city’s legal permanent resident employees become citizens through New American Workforce, a project of the National Immigration Forum.

On Sept. 17, Citizenship Day, we celebrate the many contributions immigrants have made to our community. Miami Beach has a rich immigrant history and relies on all of its aspiring and new Americans to keep it city moving forward. Creating an innovative corporate-community partnership that helps employees become U.S. citizens has been valuable for businesses, too.

When more new Americans have the opportunities, skills and status to prosper, our city, and country, will continue to thrive.

Jimmy L. Morales, city manager, Miami Beach