Letters to the Editor

Expensive poles

Re the Sept. 14 article I-95 poles cost state $1M a year: What? $1 million a year? If the state is paying that much for I-95, just wait until the Palmetto and turnpike premium lanes are finished.

I find it hard to believe that tolls from the users of I-95 are paying for replacement. Everyone who has a SunPass is anteing up as well. A better plan is to replace the wobbly plastic poles with steel filled with concrete. A couple of accidents by “road ragers” with higher insurance rates would solve the problem, and then the state and counties could move those dollars to providing efficient mass transit where people actually live.

No one likes being stuck in traffic. Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties are long overdue for a regional transportation plan. I also don’t love paying for drivers who cause $1 million in damages. Bill them just like “Toll-by-Plate” for what they do, plus replacement costs.

Charles Peters, Miami