Letters to the Editor

Seeking a better life

The resurgence of anti-immigrant fervor, fueled by politicians, reminds us how little we understand the realities of many within our immigrant community, including 11 million undocumented living and working in the United Sates.

Their labor fills our supermarkets with an abundance of food, cleans our hotel rooms and homes and mows our lawns.

Over 50 percent of America’s 3 million farm workers are undocumented. Most leave families behind seeking a better life. Twelve-year-olds are authorized to work, but they are excluded from protective labor laws. They aren’t entitled to minimum wage or overtime pay.

Our agricultural industry thrives on the backs of these hard-working people. Many are paid by the bucket or row of cane.

Yet we mock and reject them with little consideration, compassion or understanding.

Ross Collazo, Miami