Letters to the Editor

Support police officers

To those who subscribe to the anti-cop rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and other left-wingers, I suggest you view a movie called The Purge. It will give you an idea of what will follow should the Thin Blue Line be breached.

Somehow we need to support law enforcement, or the very foundation of our justice system is in jeopardy. We are a nation of laws so there must be those who enforce those laws and protect a civilized society.

Where will we find the young men and women of courage and character to serve and protect if the profession is denigrated by a liberal press and grievance groups?

We are on a slippery slope unless we can turn this anti-cop sentiment around. We need to rally around police officers, deputies and troopers — all those in uniform who will risk their lives to save you and your family. Many years ago, I was told that we must never allow a cop killer to go unpunished. Now I understand.

Bob Guerin, Marathon