Letters to the Editor

All Aboard isn’t good

As a Miamian with a second home in Vero Beach, I’m concerned about the impact All Aboard Florida will have on Miami and the communities it will hurtle through without stopping.

We should consider that the negatives that apply to those communities also apply to the communities where it will stop bringing noise, vibration and delays for first responders 32 times a day for 45 minutes of stopped traffic.

AAF will bring construction jobs to Miami, but once it's done, they're gone.

Not all progress is good. Miami is already a world renowned tourist destination. What's best for us? Is it more noise, pollution, and traffic? I don't think so.

We thoughtfully considered the Genting project and rejected it. We considered the soccer stadium on the bay and rejected that, too.

We've grown into a city great enough to call our own shots. Let's do it again!

Manya Lowman, Palmetto Bay