Letters to the Editor

Heat Nation is ready

The impact of LeBron James wasn’t without the support and expertise of Dwyane Wade. Many of LeBron's spectacular baskets were set up by Wade, making it happen for his alpha mate.

In deferring to James, Wade appeared to have lost his edge. His status as a basketball legend came into question. When Wade's knees began to give, he was soon relegated to a potential has-been or possible “flash in the pan.”

How soon we forget, especially greatness.

A new season is upon us. What is evident is that Wade's performance in the preseason is reminiscent of the master ball player coming into his old form.

What is also evident is that this Heat team has greater depth than ever and plays with a dynamic that has quickly erased the need for LeBron James, whose new team lost their season opener.

The team has already shown that Wade and Chris Bosh, the remaining Big Two, with the supporting cast of the newly-formed Heat Nation, are playing superior basketball with the capability of defeating any NBA team. The Heat stand ready to defy the critics.

Dave Mahon, Miami