Letters to the Editor

Colossus Miami

Kudos to the Miami Herald for its Oct. 27 editorial, SkyRise scuffle, and also to columnist Helen A. Ferré for her Oct. 26 column, An eyesore courtesy of Miami-Dade taxpayers? which dealt with developer Jeff Berkowitz’s proposed SkyRise project on Biscayne Bay.

They both chimed in on the area's latest absurdity, which was given the go-ahead by the usual couple of voters in the recent primary.

If Berkowitz’s tower reaches completion, tourists and archeologists will feast here on Miami's hurricane-tempting answer to the Colossus of Rhodes. It would join the PortMiami Tunnel boondoggle as the Knossos Labyrinth and Watson Island as Troy after the war.

Philip V. Riggio, Miami