Letters to the Editor

Jim Crow again?

I was rather perturbed after reading the Oct. 24 article, New school downtown a tough sale. As a proud graduate of Booker T. Washington High School, my integrity was insulted.

The implication that my beloved alma mater lacks quality is emotionally disturbing. I’m also appalled that a public school should be built for the wealthy families in the exclusive downtown vicinity.

This reeks of similarities to former Jim Crow ideals of separation, in this case, of the more affluent families east of the less fortunate of Overtown and others in its boundary areas.

The day that building a public school is based on one’s economic status is a slap in the face of taxpayers of all social classes.

I had a family of dedicated educators who gave me and many others a quality education in those hallowed halls of learning at Booker T. The school is the mother lode of education in the culturally proud community of Overtown.

The students of Booker T. Washington may not matter to Norman Braman and Raquel Regalado, but rest assured the grads of BTW will vigilantly fight you to the finish.

Marilyn F. Bellamy, Miami