Letters to the Editor

Tobacco Road is gone

It’s hard to believe that Miami’s oldest and most historic bar, Tobacco Road, has closed its doors.

At 103 years of age, it has a colorful history, including time as a speak-easy during prohibition.

Almost everyone who has lived in Miami for some time has stories of good times spent at the Road. Clients have included all types — bikers, laborers, politicians and the well-groomed professionals of Brickell. They’ve all enjoyed listening to incredible music there while sharing a drink. Unfortunately, it is another victim of the developer frenzy engulfing downtown Miami.

Great cities such as New York and Boston preserve their past. One can visit taverns dating back to the Revolutionary War in those places. Not so in Miami.

It seems that everything is up for sale to the highest bidder. Old Miami homes that are architectural gems are routinely being demolished to make room for gaudy McMansions. Even Miami’s historic downtown courthouse is now under threat. So what will replace Tobacco Road? Most likely another luxury high-rise. Isn’t that exciting?

Thomas Johnson, Miami