Letters to the Editor

No Jewish occupation

Leonard Torres provided misinformation in his Oct. 23 letter, Stand up to Netanyahu.

America went into Falluja, fought door to door, killing over 800 civilians, destroying 10,000 homes. America wasn’t attacked by rockets nor by terrorists from tunnels, who murdered children as did the Palestinians. Whenever the world vents hatred against Jews, Israel is attacked without reason.

Muslims are supported blindly, void of logical reasoning, skeptical intelligence and moral judgment whenever the subject of Palestinian suffering arises. Israel's unique efforts at preventing civilian casualties at the cost of Jewish lives is brushed aside, as if such considerations were an everyday act taken by Islamic terrorists and armies worldwide.

To the myopic, Jew-hating world, Jewish blood is worthless, Islam should prevail. This mentality is consistent with the United Nations condemning Israel for Human Rights violations, not based upon reality; while Syria, Iraq and Hamas‘ violations are factual and ignored.

The Palestinian homeland is Jordan. There is no Jewish occupation, only a Muslim occupation of Judea and Samaria, Muslims that renamed the “West Bank” to de-Judaize the area in the world's collective mind. Jordanians renamed themselves Palestinians in the 1960s, revising history for their cause, which is the annihilation of Israel, and to teach the great lie that the Jews stole their land from them.

Islam never paid reparations to them, nor did Islam ever absorb those revisionist Jordanians who teach non-extant Palestinian history.

Anti-semites claim Israel is an apartheid state. Actually, unlike Islam, Israel offers equal rights for women and Muslims, offering everyone the highest levels of education, the right to serve in the military even as officers, to vote, hold political office, and represent Israel diplomatically.

Recognizing Palestine doesn’t advance peace, it advances Israel’s ruin.

Israel allows convoys of food and other necessities into Gaza. All the building supplies that went through were used, not for social infrastructure, but for tunnels. And Israel didn’t cause the loss of electricity in Gaza. A stray Palestinian rocket destroyed their own power plant.

Robert Blum, former economic adviser, Japanese Consulate, Columbus, Ohio