Letters to the Editor

Clean drinking water

Re the Oct. 24 Other Views column, EPA should let states handle water quality issues: Tom Feeney argues in a prominent and troubling Other Views column, that the EPA should let states handle water quality issues.

He is CEO of Associated Industries of Florida, the self-proclaimed “Voice of Florida business.” The EPA and the federal Clean Water Act exist in part because water quality is a historically neglected, yet fundamental concern for each of us and the natural and built environment.

With climate change and population growth, water issues in Florida are now at a critical juncture. We can no longer afford business as usual. Polluting industries are externalizing costs to pad their profits, all at the expense of public health and taxpayer money.

The EPA and the Clean Water Act provide Floridians with federal standards and oversight that protect the public. Such protection has never been more important.

Basha Hicks, Miami