Letters to the Editor

Irresponsible boating

As a boater, a father, a husband, and a person who thoroughly enjoys the waters off Miami. I am sickened by the accidents and fatalities that have occurred virtually every holiday weekend this year. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones.

It is sad that a boater in Miami can no longer feel at ease being out on the water after dark and even during the day, especially on holidays and weekends, as it requires a constant defensive diligence for derelict operators.

Although a majority of boaters are responsible, we have a growing minority of irresponsible boaters on our waters. There is no easy solution, but it starts with taking personal responsibility for the souls on your boat.

I would love to see lights on channel markers and boats adhere to the “Give-Way” to “Stand-On” vessels allowing for big margins of assured cleared distance while running.

Lastly, know your captain and hold them responsible.

John R. Paine III, Miami