Letters to the Editor

SkyRise Miami money pot

Your editorial seems to side with Jeffrey Berkowitz’s contention that he didn’t mislead the Miami mayor when he stated that no city funds would be used in the building of the SkyRise project. However, you seem to contradict that when you say that in a roundabout way Miami property taxpayers will be providing some of the money for the project if, in fact, the county gives Berkowitz $9 million from it's tax development fund. But then you attempt to justify your approval by saying “...different pot, different purpose.”

As a long-time preparer of multi-million dollar budgets within Miami-Dade County, I am very familiar with the term. I often used it myself, when the situation required it. However, the problem with that statement is, as I have always known, the money always come out of the same pocket. It's just a matter of semantics. The bottom line is that changing the name of the fund does not change the fact that we, the taxpayers, will still foot the bill for everything government does.

Bob Reyes, Homestead