Letters to the Editor

Ludlam Trail: Miami-Dade get it right, please

It was fantastic to see the Oct. 11 article, Flagler’s Ludlam Trail development plan meets resident opposition. It stimulates a wider conversation about this trail, and about wider issues.

Most of the voices quoted in this article are developers, or people who work with developers, and their priorities are to work within a system which has paved and developed most of Miami and made it what it is today. We can do better.

Mother Nature has been left out. Who shall speak for her? I will. I am president of Urban Paradise Guild, and on the steering committee of Friends of the Ludlam Trail, a 6.2 mile stretch from Dadeland to Miami International Airport.

Numerous species of butterflies unique to Miami have gone extinct, and more are on the brink. The trail could serve as a pollination corridor for nearly extinct butterflies that can fly along it.

The Urban Paradise Guild is proud to be working with dedicated volunteers immediately south of Ludlam Trail. M-Path Park serving the Dadeland and Pinecrest community will be at the hub of the Trail Network, where South Dade Trail, The Underline, Snapper Creek and Ludlam Trail all come together.

The new 2.5 acre park will be transit-oriented, with an open-air rest-and repair station for cyclists and pedestrians doubling as an environmental education center, and a big dog park. Everything will be embedded in nature.

Ludlam Trail is irreplaceable and any rush to develop it can only be considered as squandering a public resource. We must do better. Let's get it right for the people, for the butterflies, for the residents and for our future.

Sam Van Leer, Miami