Letters to the Editor

Review Surfside development projects

The Oct. 19 article Surfside condo owners battle over building sale to developer shines a light on the behind-the-scene shenanigans employed by special interests at the public’s expense.

Sadly, the town has gone from putting residents first to approving basically anything that a developer or special interest group wants.

Surfside, under previous leadership, was at the forefront of limiting development and actually was one of the first municipalities in Florida to overwhelmingly pass a special charter amendment limiting development.

In recent years however, I believe this charter amendment has been violated.

This really comes as no big surprise as a petition to reject adopting a far-reaching and inadequate new zoning code signed by more than 600 voters of the town was summarily rejected by a movement spearheaded by Mayor Daniel Dietch.

It is my hope that the article will motivate state officials to review all projects recently approved to determine if indeed the town charter was violated.

Joe Graubart, Surfside