Letters to the Editor

Nothing wrong at TACOLCY

Re the Oct. 22 article Youth center aims to regroup after county closes its probe of ex-CEO: It is preposterous to suggest that I misused dollars as the CEO of the Belafonte TACOLCY Center.

If there were grounds on which the Miami-Dade Office of the Inspector General could justify the time and public dollars it used to pursued me for a year, it would have brought charges. This pretense has ended without action because there was no action to take and no standards broken. At worst, the OIG report says I used poor judgment, which is a matter of opinion.

Though there are errors in the report, it doesn’t validate Anne Manning’s allegations, and it asserts that I didn’t misuse any public funds or violate any policies. It even admits that when I secured the car, I advised TACOLCY’s board and committed to pay back the expense, which I did in full.

Ms. Manning should be embarrassed by her very expensive tantrum. She should be personally liable to restore all incurred expenses to the county and to TACOLCY. Shame on her.

Taj A. Brown, Miami