Letters to the Editor

Staggered terms on Surfside ballot

Re the Oct. 23 letter Less accountable: There is a lot of misunderstanding concerning one of the seven charter amendments that will appear on Surfside's Nov. 4 ballot. This amendment, establishing extended and staggered terms, allows for Surfside residents to vote for three of their elected officials every two years starting in the 2018 election in the following way:

▪ The mayor will always have a two-year term. There is no change from the current rule.

▪ In the 2016 election, the four commission seats will be up for election. The two commissioners receiving the highest votes will be elected for four-year terms. The remaining two commissioners will receive two-year terms.

▪ In the 2018 election the seats of the two commissioners who had two-year terms will be up for election for four -ear terms. Thereafter every four years two commission seats and the mayor will be up for election.

This charter amendment allows Surfside voters to vote every two years for a majority of their elected officials. This type of staggered system reflects the voting method of many communities similar to Surfside.

Louis Cohen, chair, Charter Review Board, Surfside