Letters to the Editor

Israel pull out

Re Uri Dromi’s Oct. 17 Other Views column, Should Israel pull out of the West Bank?:

First, Judea and Samaria are not colonies, but the heart of historical Israel. And unlike the Mediterranean separating Algeria from France, there is no “buffer” between the West Bank and Israel proper.

Also, unlike the Algerians vis a vis France, the Palestinian Arabs do claim the right to all of Israel. Even the “moderate” Mahmoud Abbas continues to deny recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, which renders any agreement inherently suspect.

So, after listing four legitimate reasons why withdrawal from the West Bank is different from France’s pullout from Algeria and extremely risky for Israel, he then concludes that he would favor it anyway.

I can only conclude that Dromi either failed Logic 101 or is hopelessly, and dangerously naive.

Stanley Spatz, Hollywood