Letters to the Editor

Spread of Ebola

As a pediatrician, now retired, I would often treat kids who were ill because parents didn’t bring them in earlier when intervention would have resulted in a better outcome. Explanations varied, frequently including lack of insurance, high deductibles or fear of taking time off from work.

What will happen if someone infected with Ebola doesn’t get medical care because of these reasons?

How many people will be exposed because an infectious person drags himself into work because he has used up all his paid time off and needs to pay the rent?

There are great doctors and hospitals in America for those who can afford them. But they won’t protect us from Ebola if the uninsured and underinsured in our communities harbor and spread Ebola. We need to wake up to the reality that our healthcare system will not be able to handle a spread of Ebola.

Nina Sanchez, Miami