Letters to the Editor

Pain medicine withheld

I support closing down narcotic pill mills.

As a breast-cancer survivor, I underwent several surgeries and received 30 pills of Hydrocodone that didn’t touch my pain. I begged for five-milligram Oxycodone, received 28 tablets and broke them in half to make them last.

A friend of mine had lumbar surgery 15 years ago and needs another operation. But she has to wait until 2016 when her Medicare takes effect.

Her latest lumbar MRI revealed multiple herniated discs, severe spinal stenosis, and severe degeneration. She can barely get out of a chair or walk, and her pain management physician prescribes one Fentanyl patch for three days and refuses to prescribe breakthrough pain medication.

As a nurse practitioner, I’m appalled that the narcotic pendulum has swung the other way. We need to revive appropriate and responsible narcotic dispensing by physicians.

Dorothy G. Smith, Miramar