Letters to the Editor

Turkey didn’t aid rebels

Re the Aug. 25 report Rebels: Turkey helped al-Qaeda capture U.S.-trained fighters: Mitchell Prothero’s report neglects some very important facts.

Prothero makes no mention that Turkey and the United States, two NATO allies, have been working together from the outset of the crisis in Syria. It disregards the recent agreement between Turkey and the United States for enhanced cooperation, including the opening of some of our bases for U.S. assets as well as the Turkish participation in operations against ISIS.

The article refers to “U.S.-trained Syrians.” This is incomplete because reference should have been made to the “Turkish-U.S. trained Syrians,” who were trained on Turkish soil as a result of a joint Turkish and American effort.

It also ignores the fact that al Qaeda and the Nusra Front are both officially designated as terrorist organizations by Turkey.

Based on input from “multiple rebel forces” whose identity, motives and credentials are questionable at best, the story refers to a slanderous conspiracy theory which is nothing short of defamation. It could make material for an episode of House of Cards. What it would not make is serious journalism. It also disrespects a U.S. ally’s tremendous undertaking to alleviate the crisis in Syria and the superhuman effort to save the lives of 2 million Syrians.

Özgür Kıvanç Altan, consul general, Republic of Turkey, Miami