Letters to the Editor

Affordable rent scarce

Ricardo Mor’s Aug. 20 Other View column asked, Can an average Joe find a place here? The answer: certainly not.

As Miami decision-makers pave the way to making Miami a playground for exclusively for rich people, we plebeians are getting the shaft. Not only are the luxury condos a senseless indulgence, the non-luxury ones that are rented out have no oversight. Condo renters are at the whim of how ethical the owner is, since there is no protection from homeowner associations.

Businesses are also severely affected by rampant greed. In Coconut Grove, the Pointe Group recently bought a bunch of business properties and tripled their rent. Now 18 businesses are closing down, including Sales Rack, which was just voted to have the best jewelry selection in Miami. Scotty’s restaurant is also being bullied by investors, despite being busy.

What am I missing? Is this a good strategy?

Kelly Newman, Miami