Letters to the Editor

Honor veterans’ wives

Aug. 15 marked the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The time is long overdue to make people aware that this country must also recognize silent heroes who helped to win that and other wars.

They are the many wives and women who were left behind to keep the country going as the United States switched to a war-production machine.

Not only did they become the heads of household for the children, but they also went to work in the factories, sold war bonds and assisted with what the war left behind, which included death, dismemberment and the horrors associated with their returning veteran husbands screaming out in the night.

Where is the tribute to these women whom we are losing each day just as fast as the men?

It’s time to call for a proclamation by the president and Congress to honor the wives of servicemen who, long after the guns and mayhem was over, had to put the pieces back together for the family to go forward and function as a unit again.

It must be recognized that in many cases their war has never stopped.

Randall Wise, Homestead