Letters to the Editor

Teacher bonus

I decided to be proactive over the summer and order my college SAT scores. After all, there’s a good chance that I can get a teacher bonus from the state of Florida.

Of course, I must meet two criteria: be a highly effective teacher and have an SAT score in the top 20 percent of my graduating class.

When I received the official copy of my SAT scores in the mail, they were totally illegible; after all, they are 46 years old.

I’m wondering if Rep. Erik Fresen, who proposed this genius formula, is going to hand calculate my SAT class rank to make sure that I qualify for my bonus.

If my SAT scores don’t make the cut, does that mean that I have been an ineffective teacher my entire teaching career?

Will that criteria negate my District Social Studies Teacher of The Year Award I received in 1998?

Did Fresen stay up all night thinking of this new bonus formula to once again make our profession the laughing stock of Florida?

Ruth Gordon, Miami