Letters to the Editor

Solar power storage

Nuclear power plants are typically out of service about one tenth of the time for refueling and repairs.

In nuclear-reliant France, citizens complain that plants shut down when the weather is too hot or too cold, just when the power need is greatest.

The nuclear industry in the United States would have us believe that mankind is clever enough to safely store deadly radioactive spent fuel for the next million years, but not clever enough to store solar power.

Paid nuclear advocates like Christine Todd Whitman always fail to consider batteries, remarkable energy storage devices that can power cars and level out fluctuations in renewable power.

At today’s prices, even with 24 hours of lithium battery backup, rooftop solar power costs only one third as much per watt as the new nuclear reactors FPL proposes for Turkey Point.

Tie renewable energy to an interstate smart grid and reliability goes up even more.

Philip K. Stoddard, mayor, South Miami