Letters to the Editor

Defeat Iran deal

We now learn that the agreement between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran will allow Iran to use its own inspectors to review, analyze and self-report compliance for its most sensitive and dangerous nuclear-weapons development site (Deal allows Iran to use its own inspectors, Aug. 20).

In reality, such a weak agreement gives Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terror, a clear path to nuclear weapons. Additionally, the agreement seeks to remove any remaining military and financial sanctions on Iran, allowing it to become an even greater threat to Israel, our other allies, and the world in general.

Not even the administration’s harshest critics could have imagined such a weak and feckless capitulation by the administration.

Incredibly, the administration expects Congress to approve this treaty. Sen. Marco Rubio rightly opposes the agreement. It’s time for Sen. Bill Nelson to help defeat this despicable deal.

J. Marc Lewis, Coral Gables