Letters to the Editor

Embargo’s fallout

Re the Aug 14 article, Fidel turns 89; says U.S has debt to Cuba: Seems Donald Trump’s assertions that other countries’ leaders are smarter than our own applies to Cuba as well.

After 55 years or so of the embargo, it’s abundantly clear that the Cuban economy, and the very capable people there, have languished while the Castro brothers became extremely rich, powerfully entrenched omnipotent leaders.

Fidel and Raúl, then and now, play the United States and take advantage of the unpopular policy, while blaming the embargo for the island’s ills. Shrewdly, they have benefited on every level. Ultimately, when the embargo is lifted they audaciously intend to make a claim against the U.S. for untold millions in damages inflicted on the island caused by the very policy which, from the beginning, helped to create the Castros’ personal power, ridiculous wealth and control over the island.

That’s really smart, I hope we don’t fall for it again.

Thad Winieckie, Miami