Letters to the Editor

Cuban Exile History Museum has plans for Parcel B

Re the Aug. 9 article Groups rally for public park along waterfront behind American Airlines Arena: I was disappointed to find a glaring omission — the story failed to mention that on July 17, 2014, after an extensive public debate, including input from several of these same small interest groups, by an 8-to-3 multiethnic majority vote, the Miami-Dade County Commission specifically authorized Mayor Carlos Gimenez to negotiate a lease with our 501(c)3 non-profit organization in order to build a world-class Cuban Exile History Museum (CEHM) on Parcel B.

Over the past year, we have been diligently negotiating this lease with county staff, painstakingly cooperating with the Miami Heat and AmericanAirlines Arena to accommodate their various entertainment and logistical requirements affecting Parcel B, reaching out to other community leaders, raising funds, collecting exhibits and exploring ways to eventually interact with neighboring museums.

Integral to the CEHM’s concept are both an urban park and green space, with considerable space devoted to focal areas of activity specifically designed to support active, passive and outdoor group gatherings, as well as recurring adjacent uses.

A large portion of the coalition described in this article has spent 20 years noisily advocating for an amorphous public park on Parcel B, without any success whatsoever.

The CEHM plan finally delivers to county residents and tourists an economically viable and culturally important vehicle in order to make a sustainable park on Parcel B a reality in the near future.

Nicolás J. Gutiérrez, Jr.,

secretary and director,

Cuban Exile History Museum,