Letters to the Editor

Protect national park

Indeed, the struggle continues over Biscayne National Park Marine Reserve.

At a recent public hearing in Homestead, I was disappointed to see members of Congress dismiss decades of research and scientific analysis demonstrating the clear need for a marine reserve in favor of the unsubstantiated positions of special interests. If Congress can’t support the protection of a mere 6 percent of Biscayne’s waters, it is failing to protect the interests of the American people and our national parks.

The decision to create a marine reserve is the right one. Coral reefs in Biscayne are dying. Populations of fish and other marine wildlife have plummeted. An overwhelming 90 percent of the public that submitted comments about the park’s management plan are in favor of a marine reserve.

Leave politics aside and let the National Park Service fulfill its duty to protect Biscayne National Park and reestablish healthy coral reefs and fisheries that benefit South Florida’s billion-dollar tourism economy and for all park visitors to enjoy.

Caroline McLaughlin, Hollywood