Letters to the Editor

Disrespectful drivers

Once again I feel really stupid for getting in line and waiting my turn to merge from State Road 836 heading east onto I-95 northbound.

Why don’t I just disrespect the first-come-first-served principle of driving, cut the cars off in front of me and jeopardize other vehicles as I slow down to 10 miles per hour amid flowing traffic so I can save a few minutes, too? And, while I stew that no one is willing to wait their turn, causing me to wait at least twice as long, where are the police who ticket those who stop in a nonexit lane, bullying their way in, causing others to yield or risk an accident as they go when there isn’t enough space?

There have to be consequences for putting others at risk because you don’t want to wait your turn.

Susan Hills, Coral Gables