Letters to the Editor

Neonatal hero honored

The honor earned by Dr. Eduardo Bancalari and noted in July 5 article, Neonatal specialist received 2015 award, tells of a long rewarding journey in neonatal care, but doesn’t go far enough about the emotional toll it takes on these angel-like caretakers — not until you see them backed against a wall sobbing after losing a child.

We met Dr. Bancalari in 1979 after fetal distress put our daughter at risk at Hialeah Hospital. We were fortunate to secure a spot at Jackson’s neonatal unit because there was only them and Miami Children’s and beds were scarce.

Our little angel didn’t make it, but it wasn’t for lack of extraordinary physical and emotional care by everyone involved.

We will always remember Dr. Bancalari’s reassurance that led us to Dr. Mary Jo O’Sullivan and to three healthy boys being born at Jackson.

And now our grandson was born there, healthy and happy, the beneficiary of continuing exceptional care under high risk conditions and the continuing legacy of Dr. B.

He is truly deserving of any honors received and our continuing gratitude.

Mike Melnick, North Miami Beach