Letters to the Editor

Our immigration laws

Once again Leonard Pitts Jr. attempts to polarize with his broad brush. His July 8 column, Trump’s comments echo the party line, that says all Republicans share Donald Trump’s view of Mexicans crossing the border.

It isn’t racist to be in favor of enforcing the law. We are a country of laws and if we don’t like them, then we need to fight to get them changed, not ignore them. This is also true for the so-called “sanctuary cities,” that say it’s OK to violate federal laws regarding treatment of illegals who have been convicted of crimes, but allowed to stay in the country.

Both parties are guilty here. Pres. Obama through his eight years in office has refused to secure our borders and to the contrary has allowed cities to consistently violate the laws we have on immigration. He had control of both houses and still didn’t make immigration an important issue for this country.

Republicans who are in control of the legislative body have yet to pass a bill to guarantee the security of our borders..

Alan Merkur, Hollywood