Letters to the Editor

Useable green spaces

Re David Lawrence’s, July 7 letter, More green spaces: I commend him for being an advocate for more parks, especially what he describes as “world-class, safe and well-maintained parks.”

But first we need to figure out how to keep parks from becoming havens for the homeless.

Better yet, we have to figure out what to do about the homeless problem.

There are several parks in middle-class neighborhoods along U.S. 1 in South Dade where I can’t even think of taking my granddaughter.

Calls to police are met with reluctant neglect. One officer admitted he just doesn’t want to have to put them in his squad car.

Parks and recreation says they are tired of cleaning human excrement from the park grounds.

Yes, we need more green spaces. Yes, we need more budget money for parks, but only after we have a workable plan for these parks to be real useable places for the average taxpaying citizen.

Gladys Chern, Miami