Letters to the Editor

Cuba won’t change

The Cubans who buy the Herald are those who think and feel like Frank Calzón. They had to leave Cuba back in the 1960’s because their businesses were confiscated, their homes taken over, their lives threatened, and their freedom to express themselves silenced. Generally, they were well-educated and had a high middle-class status. They started with nothing in this country and through hard work made a good life for themselves.

While some approve of Pres. Obama’s initiative toward Cuba, most don’t, as they see that much has been given and little obtained and that by becoming better off, the Cuban government most likely will change very little. China remains communist and so is Vietnam and they both have prospered.

More recent arrivals have a different outlook on freedom and democracy and are only focused on the materialistic benefits of being in this country.

They also want free medical attention, Social Security and big bucks quick. They travel often to Cuba, mainly to show their friends and family, how well off they are. Many go to have fun. One told me, “Personally, I think most should have stayed there.”

In covering Cuban issues, the Herald has alienated many of the earlier arrival Cubans, such as myself. While you have the right and obligation to publish all points of view, I feel ours hasn’t been given enough weight.

Abel A. Mestre, Key Biscayne