Letters to the Editor

Sanders is the one

I will be voting for Bernie Sanders for president. I have never felt this excited about a candidate before.

I would love to see a woman become president, but I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton. She’s too controlled by Wall Street to represent the American people.

I grew up in the Reagan and Bush Senior era, and my hopes for the country felt buried. With Bill Clinton things were not much different. Another Bush will be more of the same destructive policies. Then President Obama miscalculated how determined corporations were for complete control of our country.

With Sanders, the majority of Americans will have a voice, a champion and a friend. He’s the only candidate not funded by corporations, his voting record and views on policy haven’t changed in 35 years and he’s always concerned about middle- and lower-income people’s quality of life.

I’m ready, with Sanders, to take our beautiful country back from selfish corporate interests.

Edward Antonowicz,

Hallandale Beach